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Creators: Glowing Eye Games Ltd / 2.0.2 / Puzzle / 18183 Review / Mexican Train Dominoes Gold is going into a new golden era! Not only have we updated it with a brand spanking new game set-up menu, we’ve also tackled and fixed some pesky bugs so you can play your game without a hitch / English / info: Classic Family Dominos Game. 5 similar stones. Are you kidding me ? Who"s not going to win with owning five similar stones. Loooong. Is there only one Mexican train in the game or can every player start their own Mexican train. Comprehensive NCLEX Questions Most Like The NCLEX. Thanks.

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At last! One video on How To Play that is very understandable! Thanks. My set"s instructions states to start the round with the highest double among the players" tiles. This is kind of nice since it gets rid of high scoring tiles right off the bat. As described here, in the later rounds the lowest doubles are played and the low scoring tiles are played leaving the high ones, possibly, in your leftovers. Does this make the game more exciting, or frustrating. I don"t play often enough to experiment. What says everyone. What if the last domino of a player is a double? after playing it, is the round finished or since a double is played the player should draw from the bone yard to satisfy the double.

Opening Variant: Rather than finding each starting double before tiles are drawn (double 12 first going down to double 0 for each round) instead, each player draws tiles (no searching for the next double in line) and then start with the highest double that anyone has in their hand. This also solves the who goes first problem. The rules on this variant are as follows. The player with the highest playable starting double plays 1st. Their 1st tile is the highest playable double and they continue to play all the other tiles that they can just as before as with the normal rules. The score keeper use a score sheet with 12 to 0 listed (or 15 to 0 depending on your domino set) and keeps track by crossing off each starting double that is used in the center. The score keeper finds out who has the highest playable starting double by going down that list at the start of each round. For example, if double 10 and 8 were used in round one and two, then the score keeper says, Does anyone have double 12? Double 11? 9? 7. and so on, skipping the double tiles that were all ready used in the center in previous rounds, until someone says, Yes. If no players have a new starting double, then each player draws one tile in turn until a new playable starting double is found. The first player to draw is the player with the lowest score. Finding the last double can be a challenge and people usually end up with a lot of tiles in the last round. That increases the skill level because the starting round trains can be huge and complex, especially if playing with the Chicken Foot rule variation.

Thanks, you saved our Christmas with this explanation. 2-free-klondike-adventures-hack-free-tool-please-help-me-fin Finally it all makes sense to me. Another great game tutorial by GatherTogetherGames. First of all, you don"t need to remove the doubles in the first chance you have, you must way for the perfect opportunity to use them in your favor.

First time i see this game n i know he cant match that 12 with a 4. Where is the strategy to this game? Seems like luck of the draw- especially when you must play if you can. Nicely done! Looking forward to some Thanksgiving dominoes. There no spinner though. And if a double is played in the first round by the player 1 or any other player, should it be satisfied? if yes, suppose players 1, plays 4 dominoes so the next player can play up to 4 dominoes but either right on the fourth one or before that, a double is played, should this double be satisfied? player 2 plays 4 domineos and the 4th one is a double if he/she ought to play the next one is the 5th move, which is more than the moves of the player 1 which was 4.

Wow hay sao v?y b?n ai ch?i cùng nhau ?i. Lost me right out off - never explained what a double is. Like teaching a novice to learn bridge without explaining what trump is (everybody knows what Trump is. Great video. It should be called how to run over a dam Mexican with a train. Great tutorial. Nice but some parts were too fast. What happens if you play a double on the opening hand, and you are unable to follow that up? Does the normal procedure for playing doubles apply.

One more question! If you have to pick up a tile in your first round you are allowed to put it down if you can start your train. So i can still lay as many tiles following that tile because its still my first turn right? Or do you only put that one single tile and then you have to continue one by one on your second round.
Trump is going to deport this game.
Can only one Mexican train be started per game.

In your video instruction at 5:00, player 2 is forced to draw from the boneyard, he can make a play and close his train. removes the penny. Why could he not play the matching nine continuing his turn. You said after he lifts the penny that play moves to player three. please explain. Thanks - this is otherwise very clear and helpful. This is more confusing then how we play, but a lot faster.

Big Bang Racing Free Stream eng sub. Ameblo.jp/wanbakufu/entry-12454361416.html This video is OM, not great if you"ve read the rules. Which i would advise anyone to do first so you have a basic understanding. Also the video talk about the rule and describes one exception to the rule when there are in fact two exceptions to the doubles rule. The missing rule is when a double is played AND there are no more dominoes of that value (i.e. all thirteen have now been played) That train is closed and doesn"t have to be played on. An example is. player A plays a double three and ALL the other twelve dominoes in the set carrying a "three value. 3/12, 3/11, 3/ so on) are played already then that double three is CLOSED and no-one needs play on it ( because they cant.

Why start on the corners for players 1 and 2, but started on flat sides for 3 and 4. Didn"t explain that during setup. The teacher made a mistake on his first play -his second tile is not playable - played a 12-4 and matched up the 4 with a 12. Thank you Gtg for this amazing video, now I know how to play so very cool. What happens if first players traIn has a double and no second domino.? What does player two do? How does it affect his laying down train. Are you playing with other people or this is only you and the computer.

Where"s the sound. Yeah I"m not sure about that 12 on a 4 bs. Hey 509smiley also, if you can"t satisfy a double and you draw and still can"t doesn"t your train go up. Hey Smiley, couple questions: 1. If a player"s initial move is not possible due to missing the engine denomination, do they continue to draw from the yard until they find one or can other players play on his or her train as a normal open train thus opening up for them? 2. If so, is this player, who just got the donated opening tile, able to throw everything he/she has in their hand once someone has played their opening tile as their 1st official play; or is this multi tile-play lost for not having an opening tile? 3. Also, what happens when the boneyard runs dry, does everyone just compare who has the less pips and wins or what? The instructions I got aren"t too clear on these points. Thanks for taking the time to make this video, btw.

News and opinion from The Times & The Sunday Times. Great video, thanks so much, i like to play this Dominies Pro game from Maysalward. Can you lay them end to end or do they have to be played offset like you are. http://dekopabi.mihanblog.com/post/7 Even another advice: if you don"t have instructions, then watch this video. How about all the domino chips, when are they used.

Hey 509smiley why didn"t you satisfy her double eight? is that a special rule that you don"t have to satisfy a double on your first turn. I don"t understand the beginning of his train. Definitely made a mistake on the first play - he can"t put the four next to a twelve and then play off of it. No Bueno. No explanation here. Narrator should check his train it"s wrong. What if you don"t have a 12 on the first round? do you have to pick dominoes from the boneyard or you only get to pick one dominoe per turn? And after that first dominoe, you still get to play as many dominoes as you can or you lost that opportunity? Can someone else open your train for you? Thankssss. News: Breaking stories & updates - Telegraph. You don"t pass with dominoes. if you cannot go you knock.

http://dekopabi.mihanblog.com/post/6 Advice: If you don"t have trains on your game, Use coins instead. Another advice: if you don"t have a hub, ignore that cuz you don"t need it. I don"t have trains or hubs. Great tutorial! My kids and I watched all together so we would understand how to play (the directions that came with our set are not very user friendly. Thanks for doing this. Starting with 12/4 then laying a 12/3 next to the 4? thats an illegal alien train move. Nobody in México play"s Domino by the way you explain it in the video! HAHAHA xD We just call it and play it like Domino. Must the domino laid down (by the same player) after a double, allways match that double.

Thank you! Great explanation. @ 3:22 why did player three not open his train. Chicken Feet: A cool variant is to allow three tiles to play on any one double. Doing so, creates the shape of a chicken foot where the back of the K- is the double. As in the normal game, only the first toe of the chicken foot needs to be covered before normal playing continues. The other two toes can be added anytime. This speeds up the game and takes more skill (you need to keep track of every doubled played. So fun! Me and my brother played this for the first time and we had fun, even though we only played a first round.

Best Mexican train tutorial out there! Thanks. I did not know about the first round, play until you can"t play anymore. dekopabi.mihanblog.com/post/4. None Jamaican cant beat me at dominoes ????. This is national past time in the West a combat sport.

http://travselguema.centerblog.net/1-high-school-life-hack-mod-cheat-engine-1-5-1249-ver Very clear and helpful. Thank you so much. Full text of "NEW. Internet Archive.

Thank you for the video. I"m not sure how I stumbled across you, but I"m glad I did! I"ve already watched a couple of your tutorials, and they"re wonderful. The world needs more face-to-face game play. I can"t wait to learn some new ones here.


I have a question! If you draw a double from the boneyard and you can place it on a open train. Do you pick another domino from the boneyard to try satisfy your double or your turn is over after placing that double. Why is called Mexican train. Anyone else notice that he placed a 12 with a 4. Scoring should be the number of dominos left, not the value of each domino summed. Dominoes at GameColony looks so much better. Very helpful - thanks. The narrator doesn"t seem to realise that he cannot lay his train, as his first tile is 12 and 4 - the second starts with a 12 (not a 4.

We don" t play a whole train at a time. 1 tile per round unless it"s a double you have to cover. Also if you play a double and can"t cover it then you have to draw 1st to see if you can get the cover then your train goes up & the next guy has to cover it before he/she can play his train, they draw if they don"t have it their train goes up and so forth until that double gets covered. ps we also have a house rule that any double you"re left with is worth 50 pts.

What happens if a double is played on your train no one can play on it and and the bone yard is empty. How many doubles can be played at first turn. When you take new piece from the stock I think you call it (draw) is it only allowed to get one piece each time? Cuz I play Dominos and we take number pieces until we get the one we looking for we stop and play with it. So nice. While this shows a player how to dominate a game when you have 4+ of the same number it doesn"t show you how to play when you don"t have such a good hand (such as lots of doubles or not much of one particular number.

Just got a double 12 set last night, finally this video is really easy to understand. On the second round why didn"t he just go out with 10. Can you start more than 1 mexican train. Do you discard each double tile after starting a round with it, or is it put back into the pile after the end of that round for the next one. https://gusugaire.therestaurant.jp/posts/6064433 7 mid roll ads on a 12 min video, there is a special place in hell for people like you, god bless your soul. What happens when you don"t have trains or hubs? If you see this comment, Then explain this. Dominoes at GameColony com looks so much better. 2 vs 2 in funnier. I watch this cuz i have to do my rdr2 challenge. gusugaire.therestaurant.jp/posts/6064422.

Didn"t feel like reading the instructions. Great explanation, time to play some Mexican trains with the kids now. I am glad others saw the error on his train. Just a little error, but in some houses could get you hurt! JK. Thank you. BTT I read some where that there are 55+ ways to play MT dominoes.

He is not correct in laying the tile down. Your first two tile do not match. Whaaaats-up



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How can i get this game plis or what is t name

When the ad before your video is louder than your actual video, you might have audio issues. Thanks! The instructions didn"t make the Doubles Rule clear. I had to watch you"re video where you explained and expanded on it perfectly. Easy to follow tutorial thank you. Free Download SuperStar BTS Torrent https://ameblo.jp/wanbakufu/entry-12454361523.html

We played a rule that you could wait to play your opening train by drawing 1 domino and passing on each turn until you wanted to play. Let"s say you didn"t have a domino with a 12 on it but you had 7 dominos connecting and on your 2nd turn you draw the 12-5 and can play 8 connecting dominoes. is this not allowed. Wow. This makes way more sense than the written instructions. Good Vid. Thanks. Best explanation on YouTube that Ive seen so far. When do you use the toy trains.

Hi! one question. may we can change the rules and play every round with multiples dominoes if match. that way is more quickly to finish the 12 rounds of games. Best Tutorial online! thanks. If there is a double down and I need to satisfy it AND its my turn, am I allowed to keep going if its on a train I can play on (like mine or the Mexican train. Thanks for the tutorial. How do you accommodate more than 4 players. This game is really confusing. We are a online licence community based internet radio station in the Uk promoting and supporting all entertainment businesses plus artists music online all for free all we ask for is for you to embed our radio logo or radio stream playing on your webpage and we do the same back please feel free to let us know if we can go ahead whit this our radio station link is: emails us back at: cobraliveradio@ or WhatApp: 44 (0) 7903925010 thanks.

What determines who player 1 is. Great post! Only one thing I did see that I question. At minute 4:50 that player #1 did draw a double to play on the Mexican Train, but did not play on his own train, so that should have opened his own train, correct.





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